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Tractor Truck  
HOWO A7 Tractor Truck 4x2
Tractor Truck 4x2

HOWO A7 Tractor Truck 4x2

China National Heavy Duty Truck SINOTRUK HOWO-A7 Series of heavy truck tractor
CNHTC to develop a new generation of heavy truck - HOWO-A7 Series of heavy truck products, which are near international standards a new generation of heavy-duty trucks, heavy truck, she followed the direction of development of international, successful breakthrough in the current system of domestic heavy truck technology , set up a new domestic high-end heavy truck platform, the Chinese industry as the "card leaders, the king of the road."

In recent years, with heavy truck products at home and abroad the rapid development of technology, users of heavy truck products have become increasingly demanding. CNHTC user runs through the concept of maximizing the value, in order to enable the owner of the excitement generated value for money, using their own strength, stand on the domestic heavy truck industry cutting-edge technology, products in use to create products with products of the society Dedicate corporate philosophy, the three-year effort to build HOWO-A7 series of heavy truck products, with the overall layout of the new, beautiful and practical and so on.

HOWO-A7 Series of heavy truck cab Products Designed by renowned Italian company to help design, stylish appearance, the atmosphere, interior space, comfort; power system strong, fully optimize transmission, excellent fuel economy performance, AMT make manipulation more comfort strong multi-directional前盘后鼓security measures, such as advanced research and development CNHTC new diaphragm clutch, light weight and strong bearing capacity of the new front axle assembly, as well as other advanced again excellent standing of the domestic heavy truck's front end.

The largest model in the series is characterized by economic, comfortable, safe and reliable.

HOWO-A7 series products are targeted for high-end international market and domestic heavy truck market. Design and development process, in order to ensure victory in global competition, China National Heavy Duty Truck Parts in on important world-class supplier with the co-design, the key assembly in accordance with international design standards, combined with the actual characteristics of Chinese joint scientific research and development, special facilities, out of a a new type of international technical cooperation of the road. HOWO-A7 series used to absorb the German ZF steering pumps and, WABCO double air compressor, brake, as well as the entire vehicle design AMT United SartShift smart transmission and manual transmission systems, brake interface VOSS Germany, MANN fuel-HUMMEL filter and air filter system of plastic, SABO shock absorber, BEHR cooling systems, VDO instrumentation + control system, VDO sound system, WESTFALIA exhaust bellows, HENDRICKSON rubber suspension, such as world-class technology and products, combined with CNHTC years of heavy truck experience and precise knowledge of the market, developed with independent intellectual property rights CNHTC many excellent assembly.

Strong heavy heart - the most fuel-efficient engines

The newly designed D12 CNHTC series engines, are currently the most representative of heavy truck engines, power range 340-460Ps.

CNHTC a series of R & D of new technologies, significant difference has been made of the results, so that D12 engine has a good maneuverability. Large displacement, high-power starting from a low idle speed for vehicles on the access to power at the same time, the speed of its broad scope of the power machine to obtain a constant torque value and maximum value. D12 determines the characteristics of the perfect engine fuel economy and driving performance.

Skilled manufacturing and assembly process so that the engine overhaul mileage at more than one million kilometers. An effective solution to the model after other similar high failure problems.

To meet the different needs of customers, the Chinese heavy truck HOWO-A7 is also tailored for the D10 series engine (270PS-380PS). D10 series engines pioneered the use of independent innovation of domestic technology - in the home turbocharger. Application of the technology, so that intake and exhaust system to produce a substantive change in fluid intake, exhaust concise so that the vehicle's "lung" was more prominent features, better fuel economy can be improved.

D10, D12 engine two countries are to meet emissions standards 3, 4, and the country with the country's technological potential 5.

Chinese heavy truck transmission to create a new era of leading-edge technology

- SMARTSHIFT-AMT intelligent shift manual transmission

SMARTSHIFT literally translated as "clever shift." AMT is one of the world standard in high-end heavy truck technology, 50 percent of Europe's truck loaded with the AMT gearbox. CNHTC the introduction of SMARTSHIFT-AMT users in China can enjoy the international operation of high-end heavy truck comfort, so that China's heavy truck technology to the world's advanced ranks of heavy truck! To lead China (Asia) re-card to enter the time shift automatically.

SMARTSHIFT CNHTC 16 files are variable-speed transmission of electronic control, automatic transmission, as a highly skilled driver who drives a truck, the fuel has a higher utilization rate.

The working principle and structure of AMT completely different cars AT. AT cars are driven through the hydraulic turbine oil, hydraulic oil then drives the mode of mechanical devices, the efficiency of oil-driven depletion of the larger, 100 kilometers it is generally better than many box manually 1-2 liters of fuel consumption. AMT transmissions are electronically controlled mechanical automatic shifting, the shift manually at me like, like separation of the clutch to speed through the engine or transmission or brake, to achieve synchronous mesh, the automatic switching of the stalls in the most appropriate general fuel-efficient than the manual box 3% -5%.

Applicable to a variety of working conditions. The use of the Chinese heavy truck SMARTSHIFT, the driver can concentrate on driving and traffic around the environment, respond in a timely manner. Advanced assist the new driver to reach the level of the driver. The driver can manually shift. Switch to manual mode, using the control lever to select the right stall. Application NOT SMARTSHIFT truck clutch pedal is fully automatic shifting.

High reliability. AMT hardware are all heavy truck industry in Europe for many years and sophisticated.

Rich technical characteristics before and after the bridge assembly

Finite element and related engineering software optimizing the design of the new technology before the bridge (front axle) is divided into seven tons and 9 tons of the two major categories:

- New 7 tons of Chinese heavy truck front axle are the latest road car R & D dedicated front axle load is superior to similar models, stability and steering control handy, because the application of a new processing technology to reduce weight, reliability增加.

- 9 tons front axle is currently the highest of the front axle load, self-respect and the same as the original HOWO front axle, with a large number of tests showed that the control and reliability has reached its best.

CNHTC new seven tons, 9 tons front axle are standard in the disc brake, which made heavy truck tractors are a unique application of new technologies, the latest heavy trucks in Europe and America exactly the same configuration.

Sophisticated and reliable drive axle. HW12, 16 series of single-, double-bridge CNHTC are developed near the level of the world's largest class of single-stage reducer strongest bridge. Over the past few years continue to upgrade their technology so that technology in the sophisticated rear axle assembly, durable. HW16 ratio 3.73,4.22; HW12 ratio 3.91,4.875,5.833

HC16, ST16 wheel deceleration Bridge. HC16 axle housing casting for engineering vehicles, 4.42,4.8,5.73 ratio

Shell ST16 can be used for stamping Bridge Road vehicles, 3.93,4.42,4.8,5.11,5.73 ratio

Match the superior performance of the vehicle components

Initially for the domestic heavy truck disc brake. Disc brake is the world standard for high-end configuration of heavy trucks. Compared with the disc brake drum brake with a high-speed, heavy braking efficiency and good high temperature; braking more stable and comfortable; better heat dissipation, the replacement of brake and other film highlights the advantages of more convenient.

China National Heavy Duty Truck Disc Brake are in full possession of their own intellectual property rights of patented products. Compact, light weight, automatically adjusts brake clearance, short braking distance, braking efficiency prominent. Effectively reduce the puncture. At the same time, braking torque output stability, braking stability, an effective solution to the brake and brake摆头deviation situation. Much higher than the drum brake life.

CNHTC Successful R & D so that the disc brake of the Chinese grades improve truck technology a big step.

Pull-type diaphragm spring clutch. The only all imports from Germany, a new type of diaphragm spring friction plate of raw materials and components. Reverse the damper plate follower large twist angle, the design of small torsional stiffness, disc hub uses advanced laser processing technology. Three million times, through trials and harsh life of the real vehicle road tests, product performance and quality of the work force to achieve uniformity of international advanced level.

External primer and topcoat cab CNHTC at the latest self-developed online for spraying paint, advanced equipment and high-quality finish of the paint to make life whole, clean, the brightness, such as corrosion resistance and adhesion are meet or exceed international standards.

The front of the beautiful and the atmosphere, large windshield gives you a wider field of vision; combination of rear-view mirror, the main wide-angle mirrors and electric rear-view mirror with a regulatory function and electric heating. Drag coefficient as low as 0.57, significantly reduce vehicle fuel consumption to reach the world advanced level.

Designed using the new modular headlight assembly, the high beam, near light, position lights, auxiliary high beam, fog lamps into one, saving the installation space. Scattered lamp-style layout, innovative design, visual effects, simple, closed for the night provided a good observation and field of vision. Headlamp dimming headlights at the rear of the replacement bulbs, and dimming the use of connecting rod body design, facilitate more accurate.

Side of the stream flowing lines give the dynamic modeling; inlet spoiler shield with each other.

Ignition locks, door locks, fuel tank lock lock three-one.

Standard aluminum alloy fuel tank 400 liters. Also optional super-alloy fuel tank 600 liters. Unilateral large fuel tank 600 liters (with pedal combination) of its high-strength lightweight materials in recent years, the international heavy truck new standard will enable the A7 tractor with more than 1,500 km of super endurance.

Driver's internal

Warm interior to make the cab more comfortable internal environment. Units around the whole instrument, all manipulation of key rational distribution, at your fingertips.

High-level standard

Driver's body has a high floor (that is, low hood) high roof and high floor longer, low-floor high roof, low floor longer, five low-floor standard air suspension with four airbags, excellent in the operation of the Public Satisfied Customers the status of the requirements of comfort. The world's top level of its collision safety of any vehicle is not available.

Electric windows, electric rear-view mirror and heated, three-one lock. International top brands of air conditioners, heaters system, side sun visor, electric flip device, wide-angle adjustable steering wheel, generous storage space and cigarette lighter, water杯架, external power jack for customers such as car-like feel .

Deluxe air suspension driver seat with electric heating, seat belts, seat armrest so that drivers will feel the warmth of home.

A number of large-capacity storage space, you can relax between the application of a show of hands.

Spacious interior space: the high floor of the cab and hood bad the floor is only 17 centimeters high, creating a space equivalent to the height and easy through.

Sub-seat luxury and basic type, the cushion can be before and after solid and multi-angle adjustment. Luxury seat cushion is equipped with heating and air damping function, there is the back side of the waist support and the support seat with handrails.

USB interface with the CD drive, selected international brands SIEMENS-VDO products, sound effects like Teana.

Well-being of the wind directly to the channel on both sides of the door, defrost,除雾quickly and efficiently.

Lock the steering wheel pedal-style control based on driver habits and is highly comprehensive, angle adjustment.

Multi-function steering wheel with a new electronic control buttons to control the audio system and the GSM phone.

Automatic air-conditioning, heaters air-conditioning design unique integration; with domestic initiatives, the unique design of the ventilation system, the performance of excellent air circulation, which can effectively dust, with the exception of smell in the cab closed state, has managed to maintain a Clean Air; cold air directly to the channel on both sides of the door, defrost,除雾quickly and efficiently.

At the same time to rest up and down two sleeper. Under the sleeper can be divided into two seats and a small table to create a home such as personal life. Unique up sleeper, sleeper widening, at the bottom with open-style boarding ladder.

Table board can be the vehicle condition information through the high-brightness LED display, LED total to 34, the instrument lighting and a more brilliant job catching instruction. Dual CAN bus communication technology, two independent CAN interfaces, the number of bus information can directly read and entered into the sensor signals.

Central electrical junction box.

Frame assembly

A7 longeron frame class using the new generation of high strength materials, the tensile strength of more than 820Mpa. Single-beam, 300 × 90 × 8,90 mm width of the wing surface so that the frame for greater torsional bending strength, more stable chassis performance, better than the original load-bearing capacity at the same time frame to reduce vehicle weight of about 100 kg.

Cab electric lifting system, reduce labor intensity and ease of vehicle maintenance.

Multi-faceted security

Active and passive safety systems: prevention.

● the results of the application of the latest ergonomic cab design, environmental comfort, driving staff to ensure energy;

● large glass and windshield combinations before the mirror to eliminate blind spots, excellent field of vision;

● up sleeper with safety net;

●威伯克to fully utilize the latest technology upgrades ABS in fully meet the European regulations on the basis of the increase in ASR + EBL + TPM, the maximum to ensure road safety. ASR - to avoid skidding of vehicles; EBL - to ensure a better distribution system of power; TPM - at any time changes in tire pressure survey.

● After the use of LED lamps, long life and brightness major fault low, night-time traffic more secure.

EVB engine brake ● new technology is under the protection of vehicles traveling on a long hill, the effective control of speed and increase vehicle braking power to reduce the frequency of brake use, brakes and tires to reduce road wear and tear, vehicle service life and road safety the driver will improve even more at ease.

●前盘后鼓full use of the brake means effective to shorten the braking distance to ensure road safety.

● standard tubeless tires: with the light weight, well balanced, low heat, wear, security and many other advantages, because of the low rolling resistance, fuel savings of about 5%.

HOWO-A7 cab has two series of five types of users for selection:

Low-floor series: the standard low-floor cab; low floor extended cab; low-floor high roof.

High floor Series: High-floor high roof cab; high floor extended cab.

High-tech classic perfect shape

HOWO-A7 series of heavy trucks are the latest generation of heavy trucks in China by applying the latest technology more than 130 patents. Lasted for more than a year of development, more than fifty vehicles at a variety of experimental vehicles in extreme environments for more than two years of repeated experiments, thoroughly tempered, better HOWO-A7, a high-performance, high-quality, high-tech content of excellent quality, so that Domestic re-Qatar to an unprecedented new level, will fundamentally re-made to subvert the people's traditional knowledge cards.

Always reflect the user to maximize the benefits for the design of the concept of heavy truck HOWO-A7, the level of selected major world-class assembly and electronic information systems, driving comfort, safety, reliability and e-waters to reach the highest international level of the average.

HOWO-A7 cab are CNHTC Giugiaro Italian design firms and joint development. The use of European style, the appearance of the atmosphere flowing, fluid lines, the same car with the top of the painting process, create a beautiful noble and beautiful style; large windshield bring a broader perspective, with electric adjustment and electric heating appearance of the rear-view mirror functions, practical and convenient; electric lift system to reduce the labor intensity, easy maintenance; driver's body and carried on the door in addition to HOWO7 series of laws and regulations in line with Sweden and also those of the trucks in Sweden in recent years to improve achievement, additional new high-tech steering wheel device, resulting in impact when struck, absorbing steering column can be deformed so that the safety of heavy trucks HOWOA7 to achieve world-class levels of performance; driver's internal configuration also all reflect the comfort and convenience of the design idea of human nature.

With world-class supplier of cooperation, in accordance with the advanced automatic assembly line welding robot so that the overall accuracy to minimize error; body strength of the domestic leading, positive experiences can be an instant after the collision shift cab 20 cm; substantial use of non-corner design and resistance burning material; rotary inertia seat belts and interior design of the bumper before the anti-drilling device so that the only domestic vehicle safety performance. New type of high-intensity beam frame materials, the tensile strength of more than 820Mpa; disc used in the first twitch, and 430 pull-type diaphragm spring clutch, and optimize the design of new technologies and the front axle HW12, 16 series of single, Shuangqiaoshan sophisticated and reliable performance of the vehicle constitutes a match.

The new power system, shaping the new concept of fuel-efficient heavy trucks

There is the most fuel-efficient engine called the China Heavy Truck D12 Series engine, has adopted a series of the world's latest technology, have made clear the outcome of differentiation. Large displacement, high-power starting from a low idle speed for vehicles on the access to power, the scope of its broad access to a constant so that the entire value of the power and maximum torque values. This feature of the D12 decide the perfect engine fuel economy and driving performance. Denso Corp. It uses a new generation of electronically controlled common-rail fuel systems, more precision the degree of spray atomization; the DLC of new technologies to improve fuel injector has a higher reliability and Anti-media effects; 4 countries with 5 to upgrade the country's potential emissions; skilled manufacturing and assembly process so that the engine overhaul mileage more than one million km.

The use of today's most advanced engine, transmission line matching route, so that in the enjoyment of driving top-heavy truck while driving convenience to the minimum fuel consumption; before the disc brakes, ZF steering system greatly improve the safety and security.

AMT clever shift, leading Chinese heavy truck into the new era of automatic shift

HOWO-A7 heavy manual smart card standard AMT, are CNHTC WABCO companies with the latest achievements in the development and opening up of China's heavy truck technology in the new era. China National Heavy Duty Truck Products registered for this purpose, "Smart Heavy Duty Truck manual" English registered trademarks and "Smartshift" English registered trademarks. Electricity transmission control block SMARTSHIFT16 has two modes of power and economy, compared with the mechanical gearbox with a higher fuel efficiency and high security. Moving as a great driving experience at manipulating the old driver, so that users in China to enjoy the international high-end ahead of the operation of heavy trucks comfort. According to experts, from the design perspective, with different AT car industry, AMT mechanical transmission through the electronic control automatic shift implementation is generally more fuel-efficient manual box 3-5%.

AMT is an international standard for high-end heavy truck technology, Europe 58% of trucks loaded with AMT gearbox. The AMT is based on the automatic shift mode to provide maximum output power with manual shift function, the functions and economic functions of reptiles.

Strong strength of technology development and product support system, has been the core CNHTC support competitiveness. Over the years, the automatic transmission is the domestic auto industry's most important R & D, China National Heavy Duty Truck R & D since 2005, in 2007 low-volume load testing, volume production in 2009. The magic of "heavy truck speed" once again the achievements of China's heavy truck, making it the only currently able to achieve mass production and industrialization of AMT enterprises.
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